National Enquirer Is Back! Claims Letterman Sex Tape

Picture 5Apparently, the best way to become a respectable (ish), reliable news source is to break a sordid story about a famous (somewhat beloved) politican, be ignored by the mainstream media for months, and then finally be proved right! Welcome to the new world of the National Enquirer.

David Letterman appears to be reaping the rewards of the NE‘s newfound respect — or perhaps fear factor is a better way to phrase it. No one wants to miss a story as big as John Edwards ever again, because they’ve mistakenly relegated the Enquirer to the supermarket tabloid pile. Here’s the story, which is currently riding high on the HuffPo media page, but which I also came across earlier on the usually rather conservative homepage. Short version: apparently there’s a Letterman sex tape:

Scandal-plagued talk-show host David Letterman has been rocked by a shocking new bombshell – reports of a sex tape showing him with a female staff member.

A studio surveillance tape reportedly caught the 62-year-old star and a much-younger female co-worker in a compromising position – and it could shatter Letterman’s already troubled marriage, say sources.

What’s more, the tape could persuade worried CBS execs to hammer the final nail into the talk-show host’s late-night career – and could play a key role in the trial of the producer who allegedly tried to blackmail him.

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