Clinton Is Really Serious About Hammering Trump For Overseas Production Of His Products


Back in 2011, Mediaite reported that Donald Trump was being a little hypocritical when he slammed Chinese manufacturing for taking jobs from Americans because his signature collection of ties and suits come with little “made in China” tags sewn right in. A few months ago, we let you know that all of his favorite luxury brands are also produced in foreign countries.

Hillary Clinton has really picked up the baton on this particular relay race, totally outpacing the reporters this time. She’s been using her speeches to hit him for counting on foreign production to further his own brands for cheap and today, she continued to do so on Twitter.

As he gave a speech that was widely predicted to tout his anti-globalism stance, she retweeted one of his old messages on the site…

…and added this:

Then, she capped it off with this:

Watch that. That’s David Letterman not allowing Trump to get away with saying he isn’t sure where his ties are made. First, the two discussed China’s probability of becoming the “great economic leader” of the world, then Letterman got out the clothes. Trump said, “I don’t know where they were made but they were made someplace and they’re great.”

Letterman didn’t let that stand and now, four years later, neither is Clinton.

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