Watch the Anti-Sinclair Ad That a Watchdog Group is Trying to Have Aired on Sinclair Stations


A liberal consumer watchdog group is attempting to purchase airtime on channels owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group in order to bash the company for the recent anti-media promos they forced local anchors to record for their stations.

CNN reports that Allied Progress is trying to make a “six-figure ad buy” to run messages against the company on four of their own stations. While its unclear if Sinclair will accept the ad buy, the group is interested in airtime from WJLA in Washington, D.C., KDSM in Des Moines, KOMO in Seattle, and WBFF in Baltimore.

The ad — which you can watch above — uses the viral Deadspin video compiling a bunch of Sinclair anchors reading out the conglomerate’s “must-run” anti-media to slam the company: “This is extremely dangerous for our democracy,” one anchor says in the video.

Sinclair continues to draw heat over their corporate campaign to homogenize their local news networks and spread anti-media talking points around the country. Sinclair chairman David Smith is dismissing the outrage, justifying the campaign — labeled as propaganda by many — as “standard practice in the industry.”

Aside from condemning the scripted packages, Allied Progress also wants their ads to encourage audiences to call the FCC and denounce Sinclair’s merger with Tribune media.

“We’re running these ads to ensure Sinclair’s local viewers know the company’s politically motivated owners are forcing the anchors they trust to advance a partisan agenda that has nothing to do with news and everything to do with politics,” says executive director Karl Frisch.

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