Liberals Seem Convinced That Trump Is ‘Confused’ Because He Walked Past His Limo


Donald Trump may have finally committed a legitimately impeachable offense.

According to Yahoo News, 25 House Democrats are backing a bill that would create a congressional “oversight” commission that could decide that President Donald Trump is mentally unfit to hold office and consequently remove him under the 25th amendment.

And they may have just received all the evidence they need.

If there was any question whether the left-wing media has been right all along, and President Trump is not of sound mind, we need look no further than the latest embarrassing moment from the President where he either wasn’t sure for five seconds if the car waiting on the tarmac was for him or he just wasn’t really paying attention because he may have some other stuff on his mind.

On Monday, President Trump landed at Joint Base Andrews airfield, stepped off the plane, waved to the crowd and made his way down the stairs. However, when he reaches the bottom of the steps, he apparently did not notice the limo waiting for him or believed that it was not for him and walked off in a different direction. A few seconds go by before he is reminded that the car is indeed there for him and he gets in and the major international catastrophe is avoided.

But that didn’t stop progressives from believing they have just received further validation that the President is obviously “confused” and mentally unstable.

If this doesn’t justify invoking the 25th amendment, nothing will.

President Trump deserves to get some shots for this in good humor. But proof of a fading mental capacity?

Watch above, via Fox 10 Phoenix.

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