Limbaugh: I Predicted Obama Would Find A Way To Get Unemployment Below 8% By Election Day


On Friday’s Rush Limbaugh Show, the conservative radio host claimed that he predicted today’s jobs report showing the official unemployment rate dropping below 8 percent. “It’s the seven that matters,” said Limbaugh. “The reason it does is that no incumbent president has been reelected with the unemployment rate above 8 percent. So they had to get the number down and they found a way to do it.”

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Limbaugh said that he searched the archives and discovered that, on multiple occasions, he predicted that the unemployment rate would drop below 8 percent when it did.

Limbaugh played clips from his program originally broadcast on December, 2011, and May, 2012, in which he predicted that President Barack Obama’s administration would find some way to reduce the official unemployment rate so that it would be below 8 percent by Election Day.

“If the labor force participation rate – in other words, if the same number of jobs were available to be had today as when Obama was immaculated – the unemployment rate would be around 11 percent instead of 7.9,” said Limbaugh. “This is how you lower the percentage. You simply lower the number of people looking.”

“In order to do this, they’ve basically said that there are 1.1 million fewer jobs, period, to have,” said Limbaugh. “It’s no different than Obama declaring the temperature is going to be 75 degrees every day, no matter what you’re thermometer says.”

Listen to the clip below:

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