Limbaugh Is ‘Literally In A State Of Disbelief’ Obama Hasn’t Commented On New Black Panthers ‘Bounty’


Last week, The Daily Caller implied that President Obama had commented on the Trayvon Martin case because he was inspired by the New Black Panther Party. This week, the President’s critics are upset he isn’t speaking more, now about the Party itself. Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh joined Laura Ingraham and others in denouncing the White House for not commenting on or investigating the apparent bounty that the New Black Panthers Party had put on Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman.

Limbaugh said that he was “literally in a state of disbelief” over the White House’s silence. He then put some theories as to why there was no comment:

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as this is the kind of chaos that I have long predicted that would happen. And I’ve told you since Obama was inaugurated that this is the kind of chaos that they like. Because this kind of chaos is when people turn to the government and say, ‘Please can you do something?’ which is what they want. They want to be the final arbiter, the solution for everything and everybody.”

Limbaugh then guessed that the only reason that the story didn’t get big until a few weeks after the actual shooting was because the Democrats didn’t want it to interfere with the “Republican War on Women” narrative. Of course, this seems to fly in the face of the fact that one of the major reasons the story got big in the first place was because the police hadn’t done anything in the case for a few weeks. It wasn’t just the shooting itself that made this a big story.

Limbaugh admitted that he’d have to put on his “tin foil hat” for that theory.

Listen to the clip below:

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