Limbaugh: Obama’s Is “Lawless” And It’s Encouraged By “Ass Kissers” In The Media


One of Rush Limbaugh’s big accusations against President Obama is that he’s become “increasingly lawless” and he claimed that again today, saying it is leading to a “deterioration of our society.” The latest example? The announcement that the administration will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act. Limbaugh had some harsh words for the choice and some even harsher words for the media covering it.

As usual, Limbaugh asked his listeners to imagine if Richard Nixon or George W. Bush had made a similar announcement. He claimed there would be headlines screaming for impeachment. Limbaugh also connected the situation to the prank phone call Governor Scott Walker received and how it was covered by the media, namely the “Leftists.”

“There guys are celebrating. They’re having all kinds of fun here. You’ve got a prank call to the Governor of Wisconsin pretending to be David Koch. Oh, wow. How creative. This is wonderful. This is whatever it takes to beat Conservatives because the enemy is not Muammar Gaddafi. The enemy is not al Qaeda. The enemy is not terrorist organizations. No, no, the enemy is conservative Republicans. That’s the enemy that the American Left lines up against. I don’t even think these ass kissers in the media are even blind to it. They are active supporters. They encourage this lawlessness. They applaud it. They celebrate it. They love it whenever one of their own pulls the wool over our eyes, they think.”

Listen to the audio of the segment below:

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