Long Island Voters Are Getting Robocalls from Mel Brooks

BrooksIf you’re running for local office, it must be nice to have Mel Brooks in your corner.

The legendary filmmaker and comedian has been robocalling Long Island voters on behalf of his nephew Democrat Todd Kaminsky, who is running for a vacant state senate seat in a special election.

According to the New York Daily News:

“Hello, this is Mel Brooks. Yes, it really is Mel Brooks,” the call starts, though anyone who has seen his films or knows his “2,000 Year Old Man” character could tell by his distinct voice.

“I’m calling on behalf of my nephew; actually my great nephew, Todd Kaminsky, who is running for state senator,” he said. “Not only is Todd a great nephew, but also a great human being. I’m telling you if you vote for him, you’ll get a truly terrific public servant who will put his heart and soul into representing you.”

Brooks’ call continues: “April 19 is a special election. You’re liable to forget. Do me a favor. Do yourself a favor. Vote for Todd Kaminsky. Don’t forget.”

This is a marked improvement over certain other recent robocalls that have garnered attention this year.

[h/t New York Daily News]

[image via Wikicommons]

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