Virginia Lt. Gov. Demands Retraction From NBC News Over ‘False’ Report He Cursed Assault Accuser


The legal team for Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) has sent a cease and desist letter to NBC after several of their journalists reported that he disparaged his sexual assault accuser in a recent, closed-door meeting.

Richmond Times-Dispatch has learned that Fairfax’s lawyer, Rakesh Kilaru, is demanding a retraction after NBC reporters Kasie Hunt and Jonathan Allen tweeted that Fairfax said “f*ck that bitch” with reference to Vanessa Tyson. Tyson claims Fairfax forced himself on her in 2004, having released a graphic description of the assault that allegedly took place.

Kilaru’s letter reportedly says that NBC’s reporters originally told Fairfax’s communications team that they would “be pulling the initial false reports” of the Lt. governor’s supposedly profane language. Nonetheless, the story of Fairfax’s private meeting blew up following the tweets from Hunt and Allen, which are still online as of this writing.

From the letter

“As the Lieutenant Governor’s Chief of Staff has already explained to NBC reporters, the Lieutenant Governor did not say ‘f-ck that b-tch’ in connection with Dr. Tyson – as several NBC reporters have falsely claimed – or otherwise direct any profane language toward her…The comments NBC reporters published, which were allegedly made at a private caucus meeting, have no credible sourcing. Comments that were never made cannot be reliably sourced.”

The letter goes on to say that Fairfax’s profane language (if any) was made out of frustration with his personal situation, not towards Tyson. Kilaru also says that NBC reporters acknowledging the denial of the comments from Fairfax’s chief of staff is insufficient at this point, necessitating a formal retraction.

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