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#WeeklyWTF: Stray Cats, ‘Syria-sly Hot’ Refugees and Japanese Vacation

#WeeklyWTF: Racist Peanuts, Canine Constituents and Sexist Spooning

#WeeklyWTF: Crap Sandwiches, Baby Hitlers and Runaway Blimps

College Student Who Blew $90k Fund: My Parents ‘Should Have Taught Me To Budget’

The Minions are Big Fans of ISIS on YouTube, Apparently

Potential Heavy Metal Rocker Freaks Out Boston Bus With His Fake Bullet Belt

This Incredibly Creepy Press Conference Involves a Missing Clown Doll

90-Year-Old Glenn Beck Visits from 2054 to Prove He’s Not Crazy

Moth Burrows in Man’s Ear, Friends Pull It Out in Truly Disturbing Video

High Schooler Allegedly Suspended for Saying ‘Bless You’ to Sneezing Classmate

MSNBC Airs Bizarrely Nonsensical Messages: ‘Poor Riddleschool Wow’

Luke Russert Takes Beating from Left and Right for Goofy #MSSen Analysis

Lifetime’s New Reality Show Will Follow Women Giving Birth in the Woods

This Might Be the Dumbest Wheel of Fortune Guess Ever

Man Found Guilty of Drugging and Raping Wife Gets No Prison Time

Man Arrested for Getting Nasty with ATM, Picnic Table

GOP Candidate Derails Debate with Comments on Jews, Polish, Blacks, Gays, and More

WATCH: Dating Show Contestant Casually Admits to Murdering Two Women

Here Are the Best Moments from Hannity’s Clownshow Weed Panel

State Senator Wants to Provide Gov’t-Funded Pregnancy Tests in Bars

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