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Maher’s Incest Joke About Ivanka Trump Causes Outrage, But Is It Enough?

When everyone was furious at Fox News’s Jesse Watters over a joke about Ivanka Trump holding a microphone two weeks ago, it was his hand gesture, not his words, that crafted what was supposed to be the funny punchline. Without the disgusting mouth-to-face gesture, there would have been room for Watters to hide comfortably behind his defense that the joke was actually about smooth jazz, not blowjobs.

Last night on his show, Bill Maher made a joke about Ivanka Trump, too. Like Watters, the liberal host could have pretended the joke was less inappropriate if he hadn’t been making a very NSFW hand gesture while he cracked it.

Though Watters is a host on a notoriously conservative platform and Maher is the exact opposite of that, both of them made crude sexual jokes at the first daughter’s expense. Watters faced a lot of criticism, and quite rightly. Maher is facing some, but it’s nothing compared to what Watters got. That’s not right.

The Daily Beast has out a piece lambasting Maher for the joke, which implied an incestuous relationship between Donald Trump and the Women Who Work author. For the most part, any other criticism Maher is facing is just coming from people sharing that Daily Beast article.

Watters got dragged through the mud for his comments and there were calls to have him fired. Maher should get at least the same level of fury directed at him. Both deserve it.

It’s also worth nothing that guest Gabe Sherman — who has himself been a vocal critic of Watters for similar antics — found this aside funny enough to laugh, though he showed some restraint in not piling. We will generously blame the live television appearance for Sherman’s lack of consistent criticism for such ribald humor.

There are so many good reasons to go after Ivanka Trump. Her recent book, for instance, is a conflict of interest in every way. Her position in the White House is nepotism on display. For those things, she is routinely disparaged for being complicit, which is fair and fine. Lewd jokes are a waste of time and say much worse about the men telling them than the woman herself.

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