Major Garrett and Sean Spicer Do Battle Over Use of Anonymous Sources in Reporting

During a White House press briefing today, things got heated.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Donald Trump condemned the use of anonymous sources in reporting (which earned him scoffs and rebukes from reporters and news consumers alike). Still, during the briefing today, Sean Spicer used anonymously-sourced reporting to prove the administration’s points about Trump’s accusation that former President Barack Obama surveilled him. This came after the Senate Intelligence Committee said there was no evidence of such surveillance.

During the question and answer period following Spicer’s stunning read of reporting from sources like Heat Street and Sean Hannity, he got into it with CNN’s Jim Acosta and CBS’s Major Garrett. First, he went after Acosta for, in his mind, presuming to know things he doesn’t. When Garrett followed up that interaction by asking, “So just to be clear, you’re good and the President’s good with stories that have anonymous sources in them?”

Spicer said it was “interesting” that the media, in his eyes, chooses to fall back on anonymous sourcing to perpetuate a “false narrative,” then “criticize anonymous sources” when the White House cites them.

The press secretary called that a double standard.

Watch his back-and-forth with Acosta and Garrett above.

[image: screengrab]

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