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Matt Drudge Surfaces On Twitter To Talk Internet Lexicon, Obama Poll Numbers

Notoriously elusive internet aggregator Matt Drudge has decided to give his internet persona a voice away from the screechy headlines. With little fanfare, the Drudge Report added to the tops of its stories a link to a Twitter stream promising the “personal views” of the man behind political media’s biggest fan of Courier font.

While Drudge used his first few tweets to complain about words like “Twitter,” it appears he finally got into gear earlier in the day to discuss raw politics, and, if he sticks around, will probably get over using words like “Twitter” just as much as the rest of us have. Drudge isn’t verified yet, but he posted a link to his Twitter stream on the Drudge Report homepage and has already been tweeting at the likes of Howard Stern— one of his only two follows at press date– and explaining why his moniker, @_Drudge, has an underscore: “Took time to find name i could use, all were taken. lots of matt drudges, drudge reports out there. OFTEN imitated, never quite duplicated.” While it’s hard to imagine he could top his former protege Andrew Breitbart in terms of sheer bombast on the microblogging medium, it certainly makes the political twittersphere that much more interesting to know Drudge is now lurking around and, hopefully, willing to engage in the often raucous debate. Let’s hope Stern is but the first of many Drudge is open to tweeting at.

[h/t Gawker]

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