Media Faces Backlash For Abbreviating Dallas Shooter’s Middle Name


Now that we know the deceased suspect in last night’s Dallas shooting is named Micah Xavier Johnson, various websites and outlets, including this one, have been working to educate news consumers about who he was. What we know is that police officers were shot last night as they marched with peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters and it looks like Johnson was behind it.

You may have noticed some outlets referring to him as Micah X. Johnson. A lot of people noticed that. Some of those people were none too happy about it and have called the media out for what they see as implying parallels between Johnson and Malcolm X.

From the New York Daily News to the Daily Beast, news outlets all over the place have reported on and are continuing to report on “Micah X.”

Pay attention to what other outlets are calling him. What do you think of it?

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