Mediaite‘s Larry O’Connor Gets Feted by Tucker Carlson Over Anti-Gun Control Column

On Friday night, Mediaite contributing editor Larry O’Connor appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight and discussed his column that slammed “foreign-born” Trevor Noah and James Corden for weighing in on the gun control debate in America.

Tucker Carlson called the column “such a smart piece” because it calls out the liberal “contradiction” that claims the “racist” Trump administration “wants to kill people” but they should “control all the firearms.”

O’Connor said that he developed the idea for the column with the help of the “really intelligent” listeners of his D.C.-based radio show and how recent events from the NFL anthem protests to the Puerto Rico disaster relief paint President Trump as a racist by the left and yet they “want to take all the guns from the American people and give them to a racist, incompetent, evil government.”

“I don’t know about you, but if a hurricane comes or some sort of other disaster and the government actually can’t do anything or won’t do anything, I would like to have a gun around at my disposal,” O’Connor added.

Carlson said he’s sympathetic to the emotions in the wake of tragedies like the one in Las Vegas, but doesn’t understand “taking that emotion” and “going into a public forum” to denounce people “without having thought through what you’re calling for.”

“The problem is when one side says of the other that they don’t care that people died, that they don’t care that people are slaughtered in the streets and that they are only bought and paid for by the gun lobby, that’s just not only an unfair, but it’s frankly an evil and despicable argument,” O’Connor responded. “We all care.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.



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