Meet The Kinder, Gentler Side Of Drone Technology: BEER DRONES!!!

As our regular readers should know by now, I’ve made it clear my distaste for America’s secretive and ever-morphing policy of using drone strikes for targeted assassinations of “enemy combatants” — sometimes involving American citizens; often involving terrible collateral damage.

One of the more unnerving parts of the increasing use of drone technology has been the concept that as they become a more regular weapon of warfare, a race will emerge to create the smallest, most undetectable but lethal drone.

That may be the frightening side of drone technology, but not all is terrible.

For example: BEER DRONES!!!

Commercial drone use may not be legal yet in America, but crafty entrepreneurs in South Africa have developed a drone that will deliver cold ones to festival-goers at this August’s OppiKoppi Music Festival.

Attendees of the weekend-long festival will be able to order beer from their smartphone and have it delivered directly to the event’s campsite. According to Mashable:

The beer-equipped drones will swoop down and deliver beer via parachute to the appropriate customer. […] The organizers say the beer drones are now hand-guided, but in the future they’ll fly on a GPS grid.

So instead of bombed-out wedding parties, the worst collateral damage from beer drones? Some doofus getting clunked in the head while trying to catch his beer-chute.

Watch the tech in action below, via OkkiKoppi:

[h/t Reason]

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