MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY! Some Timeless Holiday Video Classics


Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You
La Mariah. Enough said.

Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

I only encountered this song a few years ago, and it sort of blew my mind — so old-school sexy, so purring, so mercenary. Here’s a little story: after hearing it I wrote a version for my boyfriend at the time, with this opener: “Santa Baby, just slip a green card under the tree, for me…” Haaa. Well, date a Canadian and expect a few subtle signals. Anyhow, this song is a classic.

Jingle Bell Rock – Mean Girls

This is one of those moments that seems so fresh and contemporary — it’s from 2004 after all, and that doesn’t seem so long ago, does it? — and yet so much has now changed. This was Lindsay Lohan’s first grown-up role, and in retrospect it foreshadows her switch from innocent child star to, well, where she is now (er, not so innocent). This was also the big Tina Fey breakout vehicle, before Fey had really broken out herselve beyond 11:30 p.m. live from New York. I love how Amy Poehler plays Rachel MacAdams’ mother when she’s about four years older than her. So convincingly too. Anyhow, one thing we can say about this movie: It actually did make “fetch” happen. Also I think I saw that outfit at Forever 21.

Santa’s My Boyfriend – SNL

Aw. I love this song, from SNL around 3 years ago, I think. Yup, December 2006 — after YouTube but before NBC “got” online video, so this one never broke out properly as it should have. But it’s adorable. And saucy.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone (and Will Ferrell) in Elf

Seeing Elf introduced me to this song. Which is a smidge creepy, when you reeeaaaally look at the lyrics. It’s like, dude, let her leave, you’re creeping her out! Girlfriend do not drink anything he gives you. Anyhow. Apart from that, a classic — and an adorable, if also a tad-creepy scene.

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