MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY! Some Timeless Holiday Video Classics


Last Christmas – Wham!

I have to say, it felt a little like Wham! and George Michael were always complaining. Someone gave his heart away, and was carelessly whispering, and there ain’t no joy for an uptown boy who’s teacher has told him that she’s having his baby? He’ll tell her that he’s happy if she wants him to! Sheesh. Maybe all these women are leaving you because of your BAD ATTITUDE. But otherwise, this is a nice peppy song.

Another Christmas Song – Stephen Colbert – A Colbert Christmas

The lyrics to the songs in “A Colbert Christmas” are hilarious (by former Daily Show head writer/EP David Javerbaum and his partner in musical theater crime Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne) — they somehow manage to send up the crass commercialism of the season while still staying in the Christmas spirit. Also those are Colbert’s kids whose faces he slams the door shut in. Aw.

Can I Interest You In Hanukkah? – Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert – A Colbert Christmas

Jon Stewart singing. That is all.

Always Be Cobbling – SNL

Not a song, but wow — such an SNL classic, and Baldwin at his best.

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