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Michael Phelps Re-Announces Retirement: ‘Done, Done, Done. This Time I Mean It’

Despite the fact that in 2012 the most decorated Olympian of all time announced his retirement from the world of swimming, Michael Phelps as you well know was back in the pool in Rio, competing once again in the 2016 games. He may have been the chiseled veteran of the games — 31-years-old with a long history of Olympic and international competitions under his swim trunks — but he proved he still had it: he won five gold medals in Rio and added a silver medal from the Mens’ 100m butterfly.

But this morning on TODAY, he told Matt Lauer (once again) that this is it.

“I wanted to come back and finish my career how I wanted,” he told Lauer. “And this was the cherry on top of the cake that I wanted.” And with that, Phelps re-announced his retirement from the sport of swimming.

Phelps’ off-the-charts accomplishments in Rio bring his lifelong total to a staggering 23 gold medals with 28 overall. But this time, the crew that supported Phelps looked a little bit different; aside from his mother, the Baltimore native was joined by his fiancee Nicole and their infant son Boomer.

“What about your personal goals? What do you want to do as a 31-year-old laving swimming behind you, with a long life ahead of you?” asked Lauer. It’s the family aspect of the equation that Phelps seemed content with the most Monday morning during his interview on NBC.

“I will be watching, cheering everybody on, but I will not be in the pool competing,” he said of future competitions. He looked over at the 19-year-old phenom Katie Ledecky seated nearby on set, Phelps’ teammate in these games, and indicated that USA Swimming was in strong hands for the future with such talent.

“Thank you for giving us a front row seat to a great run,” said Lauer.

Watch the above interview above from NBC.

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