Michael Steele Calls Out President Trump: ‘This is Just Raw, Ugly Racism and Hatred’


Former RNC chair Michael Steele says there is no other conclusion to be drawn: President Donald Trump is a racist.

Speaking on the Steele & Ungar show — which airs on Sirius XM’s POTUS channel — the former RNC head blasted Trump’s response to Charlottesville.

“This playing to the – it’s not even baser instincts. This is just raw, ugly, racism and hatred,” Steele said. “What, for votes? And so this is the Frankenstein monster that’s been created from a campaign that gave license to that.”

Co-host Rick Ungar mentioned that a listener sent him an email asking if Steele thinks Trump is a racist.

“I didn’t answer,” Ungar said. “I didn’t know. But I think you just did.”

Steele said simply, “Where else do you go at this point?”

Maryland’s former lieutenant governor added:

In 2009, in a speech here in Washington, D.C., and then I subsequently repeated it around the country, I declared the Southern Strategy of the GOP was dead. It was over. I am sad to say that in the course of the 2016 campaign, that strategy was revived. And now this seminal moment faces this party, where you’re either going to kill this bastard right off the top, just get rid of the Southern Strategy or you’re going to own it in perpetuity. It is yours. How do you then look communities of color, how do you look any community in the eye, and say “we are not” when your leadership and the bent of the party says something very different?

Listen above, via SiriusXM.

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