Woman Killed in Charlottesville Used as Martyr in Warsaw Anti-Fascist Protest

On Tuesday, the anniversary of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw where the Polish defeated the Red Army, a march took place between right wing extremists and anti-fascists eerily similar to the Charlottesville protest that took place over the weekend.

On the night of Aug. 11, a couple hundred white supremacist took to the University of Virginia with torches and chants of “white lives matter.” The following day a “Unite the Right” march took place that ended with the death of one woman, Heather Heyer, when an alt-right protester drove his car into a crowd of protesters.

In Warsaw, Poland Tuesday, the group All-Polish Youth marched in their annual “March of Victory” in honor of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw victory. Two groups, Citizens of Poland the All-Polish Women’s Strike, set up a blockade to stop the marchers by sitting down in the street.

The blockers invoked the name of Heyer in their protest, using her name and picture as part of their protest, as a sort of martyr for their cause. The signs had anti-fascists phrases like “get fascists off our streets” and “stop fascists.”

Their protest was live streamed on Facebook for an hour. Half an hour in the police began to get involved, forcefully removing the sitting protesters by picking them up by their arms and legs to carry them away.

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