Mika and Morning Joe Absolutely Giddy They Were Mentioned in DNC Leaks

1thumb1In case you missed it, among the roughly 20,000 hacked DNC emails that were posted online by Wikileaks were several that referenced MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and specifically co-host Mika Brzezinski‘s calls for outgoing DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign. If you did catch that news, though, Morning Joe is not about to let you forget it, as Mika and the crew spent several segments humblebragging about it Monday morning.

In one email, Wasserman Schultz calls Brzezinski’s demand for her resignation “the last straw” and suggests going over Mika’s head to network president Phil Griffin, and in another, Schultz and a DNC staffer repeatedly pressed Chuck Todd to intervene with Brzezinski. On Monday morning, the gang laughed at the application of such pressure, and the notion that it could ever work on their rebellious likes:

One of the key ingredients missing from the DNC email story is, shockingly, context, because the media would have you believe that all of this is somehow outrageous and unprecedented, when the only real difference is that this stuff is being made public. Subjects of news stories reach out to pressure journalists all the time, and yes, even use the occasional bad word. In fact, it might surprise Morning Joe viewers to know that even Joe Scarborough has been known to reach out personally to a journalist’s editor to get a story changed, and to have others act as intermediaries to get someone to soften criticism. Go figure.


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