Mike Huckabee To Chris Matthews: “You’re Out Of Control, You’re Off Your Meds”


Fox News host Mike Huckabee appeared on Laura Ingraham‘s radio show and unleashed on his critics. In addition to discussing political issues, Huckabee took Politico to task for running an absurd story on him and addressed recent accusations from Chris Matthews that Huckabee’s desire to more forcefully confront Israel’s enemies was similar to Huckabee calling for an ethnic cleansing in the region.

Ingraham and Huckabee first joked about the absurdity of the ethnic cleansing claim and Huckabee sarcastically said, “just call me Mr. Clean.” In response to the “incredibly interesting” Matthews, Huckabee offered this prescription:

“Chris, see a doctor. Do it quickly. You’re out of control. You’re off your meds. You absolutely must get help, and do it today. Fewer people watch Chris Matthews than are standing in line at the hot dog stand on Sixth Avenue in New York on any given day.”

And regarding rumors of an ongoing conflict between himself and likely Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Huckabee responded:

“Politico, and God help them they ran this story the other day, it had to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen put on the Internet. It said, ‘Huckabee may run just to settle his grudge with Romney.’ I thought, is that the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard or what?”

Huckabee also stressed his opposition to any “comprehensive immigration reform” that would prioritize a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and also talked about Jeb Bush being a “remarkably gifted, articulate political figure,” even despite knowing the Bush family and other establishment Republicans were likely to never return the favor and support him.

Listen to the clip below from The Laura Ingraham Show:

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