Morning Joe Guest: Donald Trump Like ‘Voldemort’


On Friday’s Morning Joe, a set bereft of both Joe and Mika still proved fertile ground for breathless Trump hysteria.

It didn’t take long.

Just 15 minutes in, MSNBC regular and Princeton Professor, Eddie Glaude, casually compared Donald Trump to the infamous Lord Voldemort. The primary antagonist of the popular Harry Potter book series, Voldemort was a character so evil, murderous and feared in the wizarding community that he was often just obliquely referred to as “he who must not be named.”

The comparison came during a discussion of Trump’s relationship with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“Watching President Trump throw Jeff Sessions under the bus, it makes one wonder why anyone on the Hill would align themselves this guy,” he said. “In some ways it reminds me of an evil character in one of my son’s favorite shows, Voldemort, ‘only I must live’, at the end of the day. And that’s the way he seems to function. If you align yourself with this guy, you might very well end up, shall we say, not surviving.”

There’s so much wrong here.

First of all, Glaude’s reference to some unnamed “show” suggests he is entirely unfamiliar with the mega-famous book series.

Second, the “show” Glaude was likely referring to were the almost as famous series of blockbuster films that followed the book series.

Third, a Google search of the quote “only I must live,” shows no results. Glaude appears to have botched the actual line which is “only I can live forever”

And fourth …. Really? Trump? Like Lord Voldemort?

The segment began with Mike Barnicle taking the lead, parsing a tough Wall Street Journal editorial (are there any others these days) about the danger of Jeff Sessions potentially departing the White House.

Per WSJ (which Barnicle read on-air)

The White House said Thursday that President Trump still has confidence in Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but after the past two days the better question is whether Mr. Sessions still has confidence in the President. Mr. Trump needs the AG at this point more than the reverse.

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