Morning Joe Looks at Trump Polls: ‘I’d Have Him on 24-Hour Suicide Watch’


Morning Joe opened up Tuesday on a series of dismal poll numbers for the President. While it seems every new poll brings doom and gloom, the latest numbers continue to test where the final floor for Trump really is. Things got so bad that one person on set even brought up suicide.

According to a new CNN poll, Trump’s job approval rating now stands at 38%, a six point decline from April. Disapproval, now a solid majority of 56%. Perhaps the most damning, less than one in four Americans said they trusted the news which came out of the White House.

(Interestingly, this means that a not insignificant portion of Trump’s base supports him despite also thinking he is a huckster.)

But no matter — moving on.

Joe Scarborough and the gang at MSNBC were happy enough to marinate in the new numbers. Mika Brzezinski remains “on assignment” in the south of France.

But it was former Ted Cruz presidential campaign spokesman, Rick Tyler — now a regular MSNBC contributor — who had the sharpest words.

“Joe, if I were a political consultant looking at a candidate who had these kind of numbers, I’d have him on 24-hour suicide watch. These numbers are not good. They don’t look recoverable The administration and the vice president can complain about the New York Times story but we wouldn’t have this story if the president’s polls numbers were in the mid fifties, high fifties, or low sixties”

Tyler was picked up by MSNBC shortly after being fired by the Cruz campaign for spreading fake news about then-rival Marco Rubio.

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