Movie Theater Adds More Women-Only Wonder Woman Sparking Twitter Outrage


A Brooklyn movie theater caused a stir online yesterday when they announced they were going to be doing special Wonder Woman screenings just for women and female-identifying folks.

Is the news that femme fans of super hero comics and movies have waited a long time for this shocking? No. Is it surprising that they might want to experience it together in a group with other women who’ve waited a long time? No. Is it that strange that a theater is trying to help women and girls feel more included in a subculture that is so notoriously exclusionary we have a sister site dedicated to doing the same thing? No. Is the theater banning men from every showing? No. Somehow, still, the outcry against the Alamo Drafthouse persisted.

Alamo responded today…

…by becoming the very definition of “unbothered” and adding another women-only showing. It’s for Thursday, June 8, and it isn’t sold out yet, unlike the other two.

Oh, and if you’re in Austin, they’re doing the same thing:

Have fun!

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