MSNBC Analyst: Donald Trump Jr. Could ‘Go to Jail’


The set on Morning Joe could hardly contain their glee Monday while discussing new controversy now swirling around Donald Trump Jr. The President’s eldest son added fuel to the fire of the Russia investigation when news emerged yesterday that he met with a Kremlin-backed lawyer during the campaign with the express goal of collecting damaging anti-Clinton information.

As the true nature of the meeting became clear, Trump’s statements surrounding its purpose also shifted in the wind. According to MSNBC Justice and Security Analyst Matthew Miller, those conflicting accounts could land Trump Jr. in jail if he’s not careful.

“The only way to trust what any of these people say is to put them in the Grand Jury, put them under oath,” said Miller. “If Donald Trump Jr. has the kind of shifting statements to a Grand Jury as he did to the New York Times, he’ll go to jail for that.”

Miller elaborated that in addition to the obvious question of perjury, what Trump Jr. has already admitted to could already be a crime.

“It is a crime to solicit or accept anything of value from a foreign national in a campaign. Now, the thing of value has never come up in this context before because we’ve never had a campaign like this that potentially colluded with a foreign government,” he said. “But in other contexts, in bribery cases and extortion cases thing of value doesn’t have to be money. It has to be something tangible, but not money. it could be potentially accepting information. He’s potentially confessing in his statement to committing a crime.”

All grist for the Bob Mueller investigation — Time will tell.

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