MSNBC Military Analyst: John Kelly Would’ve Been ‘Kicked Out’ of Marines For ‘Racist & Bigoted’ Remarks


White House Chief of Staff John Kelly made some incredibly divisive remarks about immigrants on NPR’s Morning Edition Friday, provoking the ire of many — including a prominent military analyst who is well-known to viewers of cable news.

MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance tweeted Friday that Kelly would be “kicked out” of the Marine Corps for his comments.

“Disgraceful,” Nance said. “General John Kelly embraces openly racist & bigoted ideals.”

“He would have been kicked out of the @USMC for comments fractionally close to this,” Nance added.

Kelly said that the majority of immigrants “are not bad people,” but that “they’re overwhelmingly rural people” who “don’t integrate well” and “don’t have skills.”

Other reporters and former government officials were quick to agree with Nance about the inappropriateness of the comments:

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