Multiple Loaded Glocks Found in Capitol Hill Bathrooms; One Discovered by 8-Year-Old Tourist


In the past few months, the Capitol Hill Police has recorded at least three instances where their officers accidentally left their loaded Glocks in bathrooms — WAIT, HOLD UP, WHAT?!

Roll Call, which broke this mindblowing tale of stupidity, reports that two of the guns were found in the Capitol office complexes itself: one in the bathroom of the Capitol Visitors Center, casually wedged into a toilet seat cover dispenser. One was reportedly picked up by an 8-year-old boy touring Speaker John Boehner’s office with his parents. (Let’s repeat that: An 8-year-old tourist found a Glock in Boehner’s office.) The third Glock was discovered casually chilling in the open at the Capitol Police headquarters building.

This is how casual we’re talking about, by the way:

The alarming part is that these are the only three incidents Roll Call knows about, since the Capitol Police “are not required to disclose such incidents.” Their sources indicated that forgotten Glocks were commonplace: “None seemed surprised, and two offered other examples of officers who were investigated for leaving their guns unsecured or unattended.” So far, only one of the officers has been reprimanded and placed on a six-day suspension without pay. The other two incidents are still under investigation.

It is quite possible that the Capitol Police Department was having an Easter Egg hunt, except instead of plastic eggs full of candy and temporary tattoos, they hid shiny Glocks that lack traditional safety mechanisms, are constantly cocked, and will immediately fire when the trigger is pulled. We guess that’s how policemen tasked with guarding our government’s security celebrate Easter?

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