Naturally, Piers Morgan’s Response to the Women’s March Is Generating Anger


Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 4.12.09 PMThe Women’s March on Washington is huge. For real, it is huge. Women are marching in Washington and cities around the world to make it clear that, among other things, they are actively watching Donald Trump and his administration and are ready to fight back against legislation that limits human rights, reproductive rights, immigrants’ rights, and more.

Trump himself has made numerous disparaging remarks about women, suggesting that they shouldn’t work and encouraging younger men to grab women “by the pussy,” for instance. The women attending the marches are fighting against that type of rhetoric and behavior, but Piers Morgan is still confused about what they’re doing out there. He tweeted this:

The tweet is hours hold but he is still trending on Twitter, which is an accomplishment for a man who regularly says controversial things on the platform.

He has been arguing with people upset by his tweet, insisting that he likes women in general, just not “rabid feminists.”

The responses are something else, though:

After all of that, here’s a final tweet:

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