Nelly Furtado Tweets That She’ll Donate The $1 Million She Received To Perform For The Gaddafi Clan

Nelly Furtado, the Canadian singer whom you might remember as being somewhat “like a bird,” announced via Twitter today that she plans to donate the money she received in exchange for performing for the Gaddafi family in 2007. Furtado writes that she received $1 million for a 45 minute performance at an Italian hotel (which pales in comparison to the $1 million Mariah Carey took home for performing a mere four songs for the Gaddafis in St. Barts.)

Furtado had been one of the artists, along with the likes of Carey and Beyonce (who performed five songs for the Gaddafi family at a lavish New Year’s celebration to usher in 2010), named in a recent WikiLeaks document documenting celebrities who have performed for the dictator and members of his family for rather large sums of money. The artists mentioned in the document drew immediate criticism for having indulged the whims of a dictator… although, you know. The things we do for one million! Or because we’re totally not aware of tensions abroad.

As far as we know, Furtado is the first artist named in the documents to publicly “give back,” in a sense, payment given by the Gaddafis, but there’s no word yet on how or where she plans to donate the $1 million. Any suggestions?

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