Condé Nast Lay-Offs Miraculously Fair; Even Newhouses Get Fired

500x_500x_n700090180_5050816_1-thumbNobody is safe from the lay-offs at Condé Nast. Not even members of the Advance Publications royal family. Not even Newhouses.

Last spring, Gawker’s Ryan Tate reported that Stephanie Newhouse had landed a spot at Self magazine, even as people were being laid off all around the company.

Stephanie Newhouse is “granddaughter-in-law to one of the Newhouse brothers who built Condé Nast, ” or a “cousin-once-removed-in-law to Condé Chairman Si Newhouse Jr. — the wife of his cousin’s son.” But a Newhouse nevertheless! Of course she got hired.

But yesterday Gawker learned that cousin-once-removed-in-law-tism has its limits: Stephanie Newhouse had been laid-off at Self.

Newhouse confirms to us that she was laid off today, as first reported in a tweet from Britten Leigh Heft. Newhouse writes she’s one of two people she’s aware of being let go from the sales/promotion side of the magazine. The decision, she said, was based on seniority: “The two newest people in our department were let go.”

That sounds like admirably fair treatment for the wife of Jesse Newhouse, whose father is a Newhouse newspaper executive, whose grandfather was an early partner in building the Advance Publications empire that owns Self parent Condé Nast and who is the son of a cousin of Advance CEO Si Newhouse Jr.

Admirably fair indeed. If anything, we’ve learned that Condé does lay-offs classier than anybody in town.

Photo courtesy of Gawker.

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