Netflix Opts For Really Unsettling Tweets As Promo For New Show


Following the runaway success of Stranger Things, Netflix is doubling down on spooky content and releasing a series called The OA on Friday, which they advertised with a series of strange tweets.

The tagline of the new show is, “To some, she’s a miracle. To others, a freak. Only a few understand where she’s been: to the brink of an unseen world.” It’s clear, then, that the show will be unsettling. Still, the following tweets were more shocking than consumers were ready for, considering they came from a branded, verified account apropos of nothing at first.

It started like this:

There were a lot of responses to the tweet that jokingly asked the streaming giant if everything was okay over there. The next set of tweets, however, didn’t get quite as humorous a reaction:

The whole thing was just a little too macabre for many followers.

It went on like that, even after the confusion of what it was all about was finally abated by the posting of the actual trailer. For the few minutes when the unsettling tweets appeared on the account without the trailer, seemingly advertising nothing but the disturbed thoughts of a young social media intern, there were more questions — and knee-jerk reactions — than answers.

Still, there were a few tweets here and there indicating that people found the promo interesting enough to tune in on Friday.

Regardless of how you feel about the frank depiction of a woman jumping from a bridge, that — and the “Have you seen death?” question — will certainly get the attention of anyone lazily scrolling their timeline on a Monday afternoon.

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