‘Never Trump’ Movement Dies in Rules Committee; Trump Jumps on Its Corpse


Donald Trump is celebrating the demise of the “Never Trump” effort, which was summarily gutted Thursday night by the RNC Rules Committee.

Anti-Trump Republicans had been lobbying for changes to the convention rules that would allow enough delegates would cast their vote for a candidate other than Trump. The effort was described variously as “Delegate revolt,” “Dump Trump,” and “convention of conscience.”

The “vote of 87-12” Trump mentioned refers to a Rules Committee vote to remove language that might have permitted delegates to cast their vote not based on primary results.

A subsequent proposed amendment — to allow delegates to “vote their conscience” — was defeated by voice vote, “with the opposition so clear that a recorded vote was deemed unnecessary,” RealClearPolitics’ James Arkin writes.

National Review‘s Tim Alberta reports that the party leadership and Trump allies succeeded in squelching any proposed rule changes that might have impeded Trump’s coronation.

The proceedings were a sweeping and uninterrupted success for what is widely and vaguely described as the party “establishment” — in this case, those GOP officials intent on safeguarding the RNC’s authority and preserving Trump’s nomination based on the results of this year’s primaries. Many of these Republican heavyweights have made clear, and reiterated on Thursday, that Trump was not their preferred candidate, yet they insisted on reflecting the will of the voters and protecting the integrity of the nominating process.

The “Never Trump” flank released a statement, published on The Resurgent early Friday morning, saying in part:

Donald Trump is no lover of liberty. Donald Trump is no respecter of the law. And Donald Trump is certainly no man of character.

We believe that Mr. Trump is morally, experientially, temperamentally, attitudinally and philosophically unfit for the Oval Office. We do not believe he is emotionally stable; we do not believe he is personally decent; he appears to be neither principled nor even particularly competent. And we believe the record shows, and his unreleased tax returns would further demonstrate, that he is not even a big business success – aside, that is, from having proven abilities at product branding, and at being a successful reality-TV showman. Apart from those two skills, Trump has a serial record – to use one of his favorite words – of being a loser.

In the unsparing statement, they go on to describe Trump as being an “admirer of tyrants,” an inveterate cheater who has trammeled ordinary Americans and veterans, one who routinely incites violence and traffics in bigotry; being “fundamentally, irredeemably dishonest” and “terrible – ignorant, and just plain wrong – on policy almost across the board.”

“The litany of Trump’s abominations could continue almost indefinitely,” they write.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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