New Online Merchandise Encourages You to ‘Vaccinate Your F*cking Kids’

There’s a new online boutique set up by a concerned parent encouraging people to just “vaccinate your fucking kids.” Yes, vaccines have been all over the news this week, with politicians and public figures being put on the spot about their personal beliefs on the subject.

Well, Vaccinate Your Fucking Kids gets right to the point. There are stickers, shirts, and handbags all reading “Vaccinate your fucking kids” (or “VYFK” if you’re not crazy about the profanity).

And then there’s this shirt, listing all the things you’re gonna need vaccinations for:

The mother behind the online store (who prefers to remain anonymous) explained to The Daily Beast that she was tired of anti-vaccine nuts getting all the attention, so she wanted to “promote some rational thought.”

She’s worried about not just the health of her own child, but all children in the community:

“We have a responsibility to each other. To refuse to vaccinate your child without a shred of scientific evidence that supports your view is ignorant and extremely dangerous. You are putting babies, the elderly, and the immunosuppressed at risk.”

According to one of YVFK’s tweets, half the profits from the merchandise will go to the Sabin Vaccine Institute.

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