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New Reports Say Eric Massa Guilty Of Far More Than Just ‘Salty’ Language

Oy. Looks like Eric Massa was guilty of more than just ‘salty’ language and tickle fights. I think it’s safe to say Glenn Beck will probably think twice in the future before conducting a high profile, hour-long interview without doing a pre-interview. Massa, who might have managed to slink off into the that good night otherwise known as political oblivion had he not come under the Glenn Beck spotlight, is back in the headlines again today and not for anything good.

The Washington Post is reporting that new accounts show that Massa’s behavior was “far more egregious…than previously known.” Alas, likely no one who saw the epic Beck/Massa interview will be terribly shocked by this revelation since it was pretty clear from the get-go that Massa was mostly interested in back-pedaling away from these very allegations, much to the frustration of Beck. Here’s the latest from WaPo:

Just three months after Eric Massa was elected to Congress, his young male employees on Capitol Hill began complaining to supervisors that the lawmaker was making aggressive, sexual overtures toward them, according to new interviews and internal documents.

The senior staff, one of whom said he heard Massa making lewd remarks to young staffers, tried to manage the problem internally. But reports of Massa’s inappropriate behavior continued, leaving junior workers feeling helpless, according to victims, other staffers and sources close to an ongoing House ethics investigation. Most asked not to be named due to the ethics probe and the risk of hurting their job prospects.

This account, drawn from more than two dozen interviews and internal documents, shows that aides were accusing the 50-year-old married lawmaker of far more egregious behavior than previously known. Beginning in March 2009 and over the next several months, male staffers complained that their boss had touched them in a sexual manner, came up with reasons to have staffers travel alone with him on overnight trips, and expressed a desire to have sex with the men in the office.

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