New Reports Say That Orlando Gunman Was a Regular Customer At Pulse Nightclub

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.39.09 PMThe Orlando Sentinel is reporting that at least four regular patrons of Pulse Nightclub, the gay bar that was shot up by a gunman early Sunday morning, remember seeing that same gunman on multiple occasions.

Patrons reported seeing him drinking alone in the corner often. Sometimes, he became drunk and belligerent. One person, Ty Smith, told the Sentinel that he saw the shooter at least a dozen times.

He mentioned that the shooter had spoken about his father, wife, and child.

The Sentinel went on to report on the background of the shooter, which is already known and repeated elsewhere. The staff there is surely working overtime between the shooting death of singer Christina Grimmie, which took place in Orlando, and now the largest mass shooting in American history.

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