New Yorker Readers Furious Mag Booked Steve Bannon to Headline Annual Festival


Readers of the New Yorker responded with outrage after it was announced the storied magazine had booked Steve Bannon to headline its annual festival.

Bannon — who went from CEO of right-wing blog Breitbart to President Donald Trump‘s chief strategist to Eurotripper — will be interviewed by the New Yorker‘s editor in chief, David Remnick.

Bannon is a controversial figure, however, and his inclusion in the New Yorker‘s BIG THINK IDEAS SUMMIT sparked outrage amongst its readers. After all, Bannon helped smuggle white nationalism into Breitbart.

He also doesn’t appear to have much to say since his unceremonious ouster from the White House, after a mere 6 months on the job. Bannon has been blackballed by Trump’s circle, booted from the blog he once ran, and mocked for his quixotic ambitions of bringing the revolution to Europe.

New Yorker readers — and even one New Yorker writer — pointed all of that out in furious tweets aimed at the magazine:

UPDATE: New Yorker staff writer Kathryn Schulz took to Twitter to note that she was “appalled” by the selection of Bannon as a headliner, and encourage readers to reach out to the magazine.

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