Newt Gingrich Defends Mueller Flip Flop By Citing Kathy Griffin And Julius Caesar


Former Speaker of the House and Trump whisperer, Newt Gingrich, took the stage on Good Morning America, Tuesday to reaffirm his opposition to Independent Counsel Robert Mueller and deride his investigation into collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign as “partisan.” Newt also lamented the political tone set by… Kathy Griffin and that Trump-Julius Caesar play.

“On Friday you said Republicans need to focus on closing down the independent counsel because it clearly isn’t independent,” host George Stephanopoulos noted right out the gate.

Newt, pivoted, saying that Trump shouldn’t do anything, but that congressional Republicans should “look into” Mueller, and accused the former FBI director of stocking his legal team with Hillary Clinton democrats.

Stephanopoulos called Gingrich to the carpet on his own widely maligned flip flop on Mueller, who he complimented just weeks ago on Twitter as a “superb choice” with “honesty and integrity.”

“I began to change frankly when Comey, with what I thought was an amazingly arrogant statement, pointed out that he felt he had the right to leak to the New York Times, specifically in order to get a special counsel. The special counsel happens to be his close friend.”

Gingrich then slammed the overall political environment and even named dropped Kathy Griffin and the Trump-Julius Caesar play controversies.

“I think things go on right now that are unthinkable,” he said. “Somebody can hold up the bleeding head of the president and somebody assassinate the president in a play and people go ‘oh that’s just politics.'”

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