Newtown Board of Education Trying to Get Trump to Denounce Sandy Hook Truthers

Sandy Hook Elementary School (Shutterstock)

If you don’t spend much time reading about conspiracy theories you may not know this, but Sandy Hook Truthers, who believe the mass shooting at the namesake Newtown, CT elementary school was a “false flag” to push gun control laws, are still a thing.

It’s gotten bad enough that said “Truthers” constantly descend upon Newtown in search of proof that the shooting didn’t happen, and with President Donald Trump’s connections to the conspiracy community, some residents are concerned this may never stop.

That’s where today’s news, reported by Columbia Journalism Review, comes in. CJR has obtained a letter that the Newtown School Board sent to President Trump, which asks him to do the following:

1. Officially recognize the 26 people who were killed at Sandy hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.
2. Denounce the “Sandy Hook Truther” community.
3. “Remove [his] support” from those who still float the conspiracy theory.

The letter was actually sent on February 20th, but Newtown has been avoiding publicity out of concerns that it will further stoke the fire. Superintendent of Schools Joseph V. Erardi, Jr. told CJR that there continues to be no sign of the problem letting up. “We continue to receive inappropriate phone calls,” he explained. “We continue to receive inappropriate messages. We continue to have visits that are done in very poor taste.”

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