Nicolle Wallace Slams NFL: They Don’t ‘Have the Fortitude to Stand Up For Their Players’

With new polling out which shows that the NFL is now one of the most polarizing brands in the United States, the league is reportedly considering a rule change which would require players to stand during the National Anthem.

Thursday on Deadline: White House, Nicolle Wallace blasted the league for possibly caving to the wishes of President Donald Trump while leaving their players to twist in the wind.

“I’m shocked personally that the NFL doesn’t have the fortitude to stand up for their players’ right to protest,” Wallace said. “The Congress doesn’t yield to Donald Trump’s will, not even the Republicans in Congress. The media sure as hell doesn’t yield to Donald Trump’s will. Why does it look like the NFL might?”

Wallace, in her query, failed to consider that the NFL is much more popular than either Congress or the media. And so the league has much more to lose than either of those two entities.

Former NFL player and current TV analyst Willie Colon pointed out the league’s financial concerns to the Deadline host.

“[R]ight now the owners feel their money is in jeopardy,” Colon said. “They’re in trouble.”

The former Pittsburgh Steeler went on to slam NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the league’s owners for putting their fiduciary interests ahead of the protest against racial and social oppression.

“All they keep talking about is this false unity, when at the end of the day, there is no unity,” Colon said. “So the players are going to go next week, meet with Roger Goodell, there’s going to be a whole lot of wish-wash. What comes of it? I don’t know. But right now it’s disheartening for the NFL guys.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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