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Nightly Show Correspondents Wonderfully Skewer Emory’s ‘Trigger Word’ Controversy

Nightly Show Wonderfully Skewers Emory's 'Trigger Word' Controversy

Safe spaces, trigger words, emergency counseling — these are all ideas that have become a part of many liberal college campuses in recent years, and Atlanta’s Emory University is the latest to (over)react. After a handful of “Trump 2016” chalk markings appeared on the campus, Emory staff began offering emergency counseling sessions to students who felt — and this is real — “traumatized” by the experience.

On Thursday’s Nightly Show, host Larry Wilmore and correspondents Jordan Carlos and Robin Thede butchered the controversy by mocking the ridiculousness of the students’ overreaction. “I agree that a lot of what Donald Trump says is hateful, but not his name,” Wilmore said. “He’s not Voldemort.”

“I had no idea I went to a school with people who had different opinions than me!” Thede (an Emory student named “Justice Davenport” in the bit) exclaimed. “It is terrifying.”

Carlos killed it in the segment as well, telling Wilmore in-character, “Yeah look I personally am open-minded. I’ll hear any idea on the political spectrum from liberal all the way to progressive.” The two Nightly Show correspondents had to support and calm one another however whenever Wilmore mentioned the duo’s trigger word: “Trump.”

“You have to warn people before saying upsetting things!” Carlos continued, in an overall excellent parody of the political correctness culture run amok that both the right and many on the left can agree on. As for the “students” in the bit from Emory University? Well, Wilmore seemed to figure out what was really going on with all of the chalk-bait overreacting, which is definitely worth watching above from Comedy Central.

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