Nikki Finke Shutters New Site: Could She Be Headed to Washington?


It’s been a tough year for infamously reclusive Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke. About 10 months ago, Finke officially left the website she founded, Deadline Hollywood, after ongoing contract disputes with Jay Penske, who bought the site from her in 2009. Months later, she launched her own over Penske’s objections, insisting her contract did not contain a non-compete clause.

Today, Finke was forced to shut down the still-nascent site down, removing all its content and posting this short message to readers:

The prolific Twitterer also removed nearly everything she had posted to her account since May, though she left up one message posted yesterday in response to a tweet from Reuters media columnist Jack Shafer, who suggested Finke try covering politics if her contract does in fact prohibit her from the Hollywood beat:

Shafer later replied to Finke, saying he looked forward to watching her “terrorize” Congress:

Several other members of the East Coast media establishment seemed to agree:

So far, Finke has a nonfiction book about Hollywood in the works with Simon & Schuster, but seemingly little else on her plate. While she could always return to Deadline or the Penske-owned Variety under the conditions of her contract, the apparent animosity between the two parties makes that outcome seem rather unlikely.

So perhaps it’s time Washington, D.C. starts preparing itself for some “Toldja!” moments.

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