Now University of Kansas Students Are Complaining About ‘Donald Trump 2016’ Chalkings, Too


A week after Emory University administrators set up counseling sessions after ‘Donald Trump 2016′ chalkings were found across campus, students at the University of Kansas complained after similar chalkings were found on their campus.

Shegufta Huma, vice president of the University Senate, was the first to complain and publicize the chalkings. “Is this the post-racial paradise folks pretend exists?” she asked.

Unlike Emory, KU staff reacted to the angry students fairly calmly, explaining that it wasn’t necessarily a student who made the chalkings and that students were allowed to make Trump chalkings if they wanted to.

That answer angered Rock Chalk Invisible Hawks, the black advocacy group on campus.

The chalkings were eventually erased, not because of the message but because the chalker didn’t go through the proper channels beforehand.

[h/t Campus Reform]

[Image via screengrab]
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