NYT Airs #MeToo Inspired TV Spot During Golden Globes: ‘He Said. She Said. She Said. She Said…’

Hollywood has been rocked with sexual misconduct scandals in recent months in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Female celebrities took to the red carpet wearing black to make a statement on sexual harassment in the industry. Seth Meyers kicked off awards season by tackling the uncomfortable downfalls of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey during his opening monologue. And throughout the night, female winners have given empowering speeches.

So in the spirit of #MeToo, The New York Times bought ad time during the first commercial break, and aired a spot inspired by the movement.

It began with the text, “He said. She said.”

Followed by “He said. She said.”

Then it read, “He said. She said. She said. She said. She said. She said. She said. She said. She said.”

The screen went blank. Finally, the following message appeared:

The truth has power… The truth will not be threatened… The truth has a voice.

Watch the ad above, via The New York Times.



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