NYT Columnist: Donald Trump ‘Is a Pathological Liar’

New York Times veteran Op-Ed columnist Charles Blow is not prepared to give Donald Trump an inch.

The Grey Lady’s most vocal and consistent anti-Trump author drew fresh blood in his latest Monday Op-Ed. In “Putin Meets His Progeny,” Blow said he couldn’t be sure what to make of the Trump-Putin meeting at the G20 and that differing accounts between the two sides were hard to parse given their mutual lack of credibility.

Blow began the piece by reminding readers that in the past Trump has claimed to have a great relationship with Putin… and also to have never met him.

Per Blow:

Clearly, Trump having a great relationship with Putin, and Trump not knowing Putin at all, cannot both be true. I say this to remind you of something that you can never allow to become normal and never allow to become acceptable: Our “president” is a pathological liar. He lies about everything, all the time. Lying is his resting condition.

Blow suggested that he doubted his own and other paper’s reporting that Trump had opened the meeting on a tough note with election meddling.

“America is under sustained, possibly even accelerated, attack by a foreign power, the same one that attacked our election, and Trump not only wavers on the source of the attack, but also refuses to condemn the culprit and in fact has a penchant for praising him,” wrote Blow “This whole thing stinks to high heaven, and we must press on until we uncover the source of the rot.”

Now it’s true, whether it’s crowd sizes or birth certificates, Trump has long and tortured history with the truth. His conflicting accounts of just day-to-day minutiae have confounded even his best surrogates looking to go to bat on cable news. “Pathological liar” however is a term few mainstream critics have embraced.

But looks like Blow is going there.

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