NYT Editorial Board Endorses Hillary and the GOP’s ‘Only Plausible Choice’


The New York Times editorial board just made its formal endorsements for both the Democrats and Republicans running for president.

Their Democratic choice is––surprise surprise––Hillary Clinton. And if you want an idea of where they’re coming from here, check out the very first paragraph of their endorsement:

For the past painful year, the Republican presidential contenders have been bombarding Americans with empty propaganda slogans and competing, bizarrely, to present themselves as the least experienced person for the most important elected job in the world. Democratic primary voters, on the other hand, after a substantive debate over real issues, have the chance to nominate one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.

They give Bernie Sanders some credit for raising important issues on the campaign trail, but ultimately conclude he “does not have the breadth of experience or policy ideas that Mrs. Clinton offers,” and beyond that much of what he proposes is unrealistic.

One of the issues they praise Clinton over Sanders on is guns, which should come as no surprise after last month’s page 1 editorial on gun control.

As for the Republicans, the Timesendorsement on that side starts off by tearing into many of them and how concerning their policies would be if they were president. In fact, the criticisms of Republican candidates take up much more space in the endorsement then, well, the actual endorsement itself.

Which brings us to their actual choice: John Kasich.

That’s right, The New York Times is throwing its support (with the standard caveats) to Kasich. Here’s why:

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, though a distinct underdog, is the only plausible choice for Republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this race…

As a veteran of partisan fights and bipartisan deals during nearly two decades in the House, he has been capable of compromise and believes in the ability of government to improve lives. He favors a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and he speaks of government’s duty to protect the poor, the mentally ill and others “in the shadows.” While Republicans in Congress tried more than 60 times to kill Obamacare, Mr. Kasich did an end-run around Ohio’s Republican Legislature to secure a $13 billion Medicaid expansion to cover more people in his state.

Their endorsement of Kasich is tempered with the understanding that he is pro-life, anti-gay marriage, and has “gone after public-sector unions.” Still, they credit him for attempting to run a more civil campaign than his Republican opponents.

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