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Obama Endorses Emmanuel Macron For President of France


Former President Barack Obama stepped into European politics for the second time in just over a year by endorsing Emmanuel Macron for president of France on Thursday.

“Because of how important this election is, I also want you to know that I am supporting Emmanuel Macron to lead you forward,” Obama said.

The former president recorded a 70-second video for the former Socialist Party member, which was posted by Macron’s official Twitter account on Thursday.

Mr. Obama praised the French presidential candidate for his campaign and for his positions: “He has stood up for liberal values. He put forward a vision for the important role that France plays in Europe and around the world, and he is committed to a better future for the French people. He appeals to people’s hopes and not their fears.”

Macron also previously posted video of a phone conversation he had with the Democratic politician in an April 20, 2017 Tweet:

The former president’s credibility is on the line, as he previously publicly called for the British public to reject Brexit during an April 2016 press conference with then-Prime Minister David Cameron. However, as The Washington Post pointed out on Thursday, “Britain ultimately ignored Obama’s advice, opting to leave the E.U. by 52 to 48 percent.”

Pro-Brexit activist Nigel Farage claimed shortly after the Brexit vote that “we got an Obama Brexit bounce because people do not want foreign leaders telling them how to think and how to vote.”

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