Obama: If Families Have ‘Extra $2,000 In Their Pocket, They Can Buy More Hoagies’

The Washington Free Beacon reports Wednesday that while hobnobbing at downtown DC sandwich shop Taylor Gourmet, President Obama told reporters that one reason mortgage refinancing should be made easier is because it’ll give families a little extra cash so they can buy better foods.

As he ordered sandwiches for a speaking event, the president said that mortgage refinancing would guarantee “an extra $2,000 in [a family’s] pocket. Then they can buy more hoagies or go shop for some outstanding organic foods.” The president was speaking at a small business roundtable attended by the owners of D.C.-based Taylor Gourmet and Yes! Organic Markets. The sandwiches cost him a pretty penny, the Free Beacon reports:

The president spent $62.79 on sandwiches at Taylor Gourmet, and ordered a foot-long “Spruce Street” hoagie, “which has roast turkey, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, and sharp provolone,” according to the pool.

Watch President Obama order some hoagies (seriously…I know…slow news day) below:

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