Obama Keeps Bracket Tradition Alive, Goes Out on Limb to Pick Duke vs. North Carolina Title Game

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As we posted several weeks ago, President Donald Trump declined ESPN’s invitation to fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket, which President Barack Obama has done on the network for each of the past eight years.

Fortunately for college basketball fans, Obama is keeping his tradition alive (although not on ESPN), and has put out a presidential bracket.

Here’s who he likes in the men’s tournament.

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Obama showed a tendency to favor chalk in his ESPN picks over the years. And a look at this year’s bracket shows that Obama has not strayed from that tendency now that he’s out of office. His Final Four is Duke, Arizona, Kansas, and North Carolina. Two No. 1 seeds, and two No. 2 seeds. (Both of whom are considered formidable.)

What fun is that? C’mon, Mr. President. Step out on a limb just a little. (For the record, the official Mediaite bracket has Villanova, Notre Dame, Michigan, and UCLA in the Final Four — a one seed, a three, a five, and a seven. With UCLA beating defending champion Villanova to win it all.)

We’ll fault Obama less for picking UCONN to win it all on the women’s side, as they’ve won 107 straight games and figure to be nearly impossible to beat. His women’s bracket is below.

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